Bogard class members are entitled to service coordination, the service coordinator provides:

  • Continuing assessments of an individual’s need and goals
  • Participation in the interdisciplinary team meetings (IDT) and development of an individual service plan (ISP) tailored to meet the individual’s needs.
  • Service Facilitation – connect to services identified in the ISP
  • Advocacy – inform the individual of their choices and rights to ensure protection of rights and follow through of choices.
  • Monitoring – visit with the individual at his/her home, residential facility, or workplace and ensure the implementation of the service plan
  • Monitor the health and well being of Bogard Class members.
  • On going evaluation of placement satisfaction by the use of the Annual Choice process mandated by the Bogard Consent Decree.

Bogard Class members who chose to remain in a nursing home, are entitled to Specialized Services which may include but are not limited to:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Day / vocational programs
  • Community participation
  • Activities of daily living – skills building
  • Mobility – wheelchair and other adaptive equipment
  • Transportation – special outings
  • Occupational Therapy

Bogard Class members who have chosen to move to a CILA, Intermittent CILA, or ICFDD will be monitored under the Individual Services and Support Advocacy (ISSA) program, by their Individual Service Coordinator from the Bogard Program.

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