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Three Little Fishes Nursery Rhymes for Your Kids

Kids love adventure and they must always be encouraged to be adventurous while maintaining caution.

Three Little Fishes nursery rhyme is remarkable for its rhymes and rhythmic flow. It is an awesome way to teach children rhymes and vowels sounds while picking a moral or two. The adventurous little fishes almost met their water loo when they went off on a spree out in the sea against the caution of mama fishie.

Once upon a time, down in the meadow in a little bitty pool Swam three little fishes and a mama fishie as well. How they love to swim!

Mama fishie who is very skilled at swimming at deep and shallow waters taught her three little fishes how to swim. As they swam all over the dam, they merrily sang “Boopboopdit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!” bopping up and spilling out some waters in wild ecstasy.

As they swam through some depths and came to a point in the dam, mama fishie perceived that something could go fishy and called out to the little fishes; “Stop” said the mama fishie, “or you will get lost”. Not wanting to get bossed by mama fishie, they ignored her warning and went off on a spree, swimming right out to the sea.

“Here’s a lot of fun. We’ll swim in the sea till the day is done!” the fishes said with excitement and merrily sang “Boopboopdit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!” as they swam yet farther.

All of a sudden, they saw a shark! Fear gripped them. “Help!” cried the little fishes in fear. As they looked around hoping to see mama fishie, they saw more sharks coming towards them with mouths wide open.

Quickly, they all turned on their tails swimming as fast as they could back to the pool in the meadow. The hungry shark chased after them in hot pursuit crying out; “Boopboopdit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!” as it chased the three little fishes.

Eventually, they swam and they swam back over the dam and decided that they would obey mama fishie’s warning not to go far into the sea again!

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