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Look at India’s Top Business Tycoons

India is a developing country and viewed as a poor nation in the world. However, there is still a plethora of rich and successful people in the country who are taking the country’s name forward. Some people think that these businessmen and entrepreneurs were born with a silver spoon in their mouth. However, this is not so because many of them started from scratch and then excelled in their fields because of their hard work and dedication. They studied hard and worked day and night to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

One such big name is Verghese Kurien who is also called as the ‘Father of the White Revolution’. He is the one who ended milk deficit from the country and turned it into the world’s largest milk producer. Now, in the dairy farming sector, India has the largest self-sustaining industry. Azim Premji is another big name in the list of top business tycoons in India. He is also called as the Bill Gates of India because of his philanthropist nature. According to him, ‘if people are not laughing at your goals, then your goals are too small’. Under his leadership skills, he took the company Wipro to heights and now the company is the largest independent R&D service provider in India.

Anand Mishra Star Infranet is another big name in the field of entrepreneurship. He’s the CEO of Star Infranet which is a Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited firm. Anand Mishra was determined and dedicated since the start and he started as a programmer. He later became the founder of the company Star Infranet which is a successful one in the world of IT. Apart from this, Mishra has a list of accomplishments and achievements that make him one of the most successful businessmen of the country.

Three Little Fishes Nursery Rhymes for Your Kids

Kids love adventure and they must always be encouraged to be adventurous while maintaining caution.

Three Little Fishes nursery rhyme is remarkable for its rhymes and rhythmic flow. It is an awesome way to teach children rhymes and vowels sounds while picking a moral or two. The adventurous little fishes almost met their water loo when they went off on a spree out in the sea against the caution of mama fishie.

Once upon a time, down in the meadow in a little bitty pool Swam three little fishes and a mama fishie as well. How they love to swim!

Mama fishie who is very skilled at swimming at deep and shallow waters taught her three little fishes how to swim. As they swam all over the dam, they merrily sang “Boopboopdit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!” bopping up and spilling out some waters in wild ecstasy.

As they swam through some depths and came to a point in the dam, mama fishie perceived that something could go fishy and called out to the little fishes; “Stop” said the mama fishie, “or you will get lost”. Not wanting to get bossed by mama fishie, they ignored her warning and went off on a spree, swimming right out to the sea.

“Here’s a lot of fun. We’ll swim in the sea till the day is done!” the fishes said with excitement and merrily sang “Boopboopdit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!” as they swam yet farther.

All of a sudden, they saw a shark! Fear gripped them. “Help!” cried the little fishes in fear. As they looked around hoping to see mama fishie, they saw more sharks coming towards them with mouths wide open.

Quickly, they all turned on their tails swimming as fast as they could back to the pool in the meadow. The hungry shark chased after them in hot pursuit crying out; “Boopboopdit-tem dat-tem what-tem Chu!” as it chased the three little fishes.

Eventually, they swam and they swam back over the dam and decided that they would obey mama fishie’s warning not to go far into the sea again!

I’m A Little Teapot Nursery Rhyme for Your Kids

Do you know that I’m a Little Teapot can be a toddler’s (and even parent’s) best friend? I’m a little Teapot is one of the kids favorite nursery rhymes of all time. Kids’ tea party is never complete without this pre-school song.

Preschool songs have been found helpful in developing skills needed for later learning in children. Baby song like I am a Little Tea Pot is a great way of teaching kids social elegances in a fun and entertaining way.

It is an awesome baby song typically used to teach children basic etiquette on how to hold tea cups, how to serve tea and how to socialize with friends and families.

Lily and her friends came home after school one day hungry and tired. They wanted of a fun way to stay happy and enjoy the afternoon. “Let’s throw a tea party” Lily called out to her friends. They were all happy with the idea and decided it was party time.

Lily has a very special little tea pot that is short and stout with a handle and a spout. It is so special that it can turn its handle into a spout. Lily made some tea and poured it in tea cups and served her friends. They sang merrily and danced as they sipped their tea.

Each time their tea cups gets empty, the little tea pot gets all steamed up and shout and Lily will pick it up, tip it over and refill her friend’s tea cups.

At the end of the party, her friend’s returned to their homes and promised to visit Lily again some other time and have another tea party.

Lily took her little tea pot, washed it clean and carefully kept it in her cupboard for another tea party.

India News: The 24-Hour Hindi National Channel

The genre of news is like a shark-pit full of competition, and to be successful in the field you have to constantly come up with very unique and different ideas. Some years ago, setting up a media network was a challenge for Kartikeya Sharma, but he made the right decisions and used the ‘power of differentiated content’ to take iTV to new heights. The iTV Media Network gradually crawled up the TRP ladder because their focus was on ‘news not noise’ and now they are the fastest growing media networks in the country. Though their initial years were a bit tough, within 4 years the media network has managed to gain a surprisingly high viewership.

About India News:

India News is the first national channel launched by iTV. It is a 24-hour Hindi channel with a motto ‘desh ki dhadkan’. Kartikeya Sharma’s India News channel was launched in 2007 and it managed to succeed through the really competitive media market. India News has an online avatar named as ‘InKhabar’ and is part of the iTV network. The India News channel is performing very consistently for many years and it is continuing to grow. The channel always catches the early trends and till now it has won the trust of many Indian viewers.

India News always brings up the issues related to the common men and that’s why it resonates with the people there. The contribution of high quality journalism by Kartikeya Sharma made it possible for the media network to excel and get leading position in a very short span. There are five regional channels which work under India News, three of the main regional channels are Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh. The India News channel also got a brand new look in 2013 which included a fresh lineup of shows, programs, and presenters, and a beautiful studio too.